Looking for Santa


Today has been a good day. It’s Christmas Eve and our house if filled with excitement for Santa coming tonight. The boys have their new Christmas pjs on and have sprinkled some reindeer dust on the front porch so that Rudolph can find his way to our house. The carrots, cookies and milk are all ready for Santa and his reindeer when they arrive. Our boys are just having a wee peek up the chimney to see if they can ┬ásee Santa and then it’s time to head off to bed. Fingers crossed they go to sleep as Santa still has a bike to build and a train table to set up, amongst other things!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Spider Elf

My sister-in-law brought us an Elf on the Shelf home from her recent US trip and he was introduced to our boys this week. We read the story about looking after him, naming him, being good so that he can report back to Santa and (most importantly) not touching him. After some thought, and many many suggestions from me, B decided we should call him Spider Elf. J enjoyed listening to the story and he likes to come with us as we hunt for him each morning, clicking/flapping his hands and twisting his head as we go.


If you’ve never heard of the Elf on the Shelf you can read more about them here:

Elf on the Shelf

Basically, he’s one of Santa’s elves who has come to stay with us in the lead up to Christmas and to watch over our boys to make sure they are trying hard to be good. Each night he returns to the North Pole to let Santa know how they have been. In the morning when he gets back he hides in a new, imaginative place and we have to find him. My husband will have great fun thinking of new and exciting places he can hide and mischief he can get up to! I’m just hoping he has the desired effect of getting them to behave and to go to sleep. They seem fascinated by him at the moment at least.

So far he’s only been with us for a few days and he’s already been swinging from the lights and pushing the star off the top of the Christmas tree. Who knows what other fun adventures he will have before he goes back to help Santa deliver the presents on Christmas Eve!

Christmas can be a fun and magical time for children. Some children on the autism spectrum can find it difficult to cope. Here is some more information about the challenges and some tips to help:

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Tips for a stress-free Christmas from parents of children with autism – Netmums forum

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