Out of the comfort zone

As you will know by now we love going outdoors. One place we like to visit is the Isle of Bute and we took a wee trip there recently. J loved the boat trip and had us exhausted from running around after him, while he explored the boat, to make sure he didn’t go over board!

Once we arrived he was happy to go to our accommodation and enjoyed the view of the boats coming and going from the window. We then spent the day exploring the beach and going for a walk along the sea front, splashing in the water and visiting one of the island’s swing parks. J was then happy to return to our flat for a bite to eat and a wee rest.


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A Mother’s Love

What would I do without my mum? This is a question I don’t want to have to find out the answer to for a very, very, very long time. Not least because she gave me life, provided a safe and happy childhood for me and my siblings, worked hard to provide for us and give us everything we needed; as well as supporting us through school and university, listening to our woes, wiping tears and helping to turn bad times into something good. My mum has always been a strong woman who would do anything for her family, often at the expense of herself. She’s a great example of what a mum should be; selfless, kind, loving, as well as firm (when we need her to be), fair and always available in times of need.

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J’s sleep is not good. It’s hard to get him to go over to sleep in the first place and then once he does he never sleeps all night. He can be up many times each night and it’s difficult to get him back over to sleep. He is also a very early riser. We have a bed time routine in place and we try our best to ensure calm in the lead up to bed time, a nice calm environment in his room and soothing lights which he likes. It doesn’t seem to help much. Difficulty with sleep can be a common problem for children on the autism spectrum. I have googled it many times and read a mountain of information about it. Some of the links I found more useful can be found at the bottom of the page.
My mum and I went along to a Sleep Scotland workshop which was set up to help parents learn a bit more about sleep and to offer some strategies to those who are struggling with their child’s sleep. Continue reading