The fight goes on

Sometimes I feel like J’s whole life has been some kind of fight to get what he needs. It would seem that a place at school will be no different. We got a letter last week to advise that he has been given a place at a specialist school 16 miles away from our home. So, at 4 years old when he starts school he will be expected to make a 32 mile round trip to school each day on a bus full of strangers. Excellent!

Being the type of person that I am I immediately googled the school, found their local authority page and their HMIe report and read both before making any kind of decision or response. In our initial application for him to attend a specialist placement due to his needs we had requested that he attend the school where he already attends nursery, which is about 2 miles from our house and where he can be transported by us or my parents. This was not given any regard apparently. The school he has been allocated is definitely not where we want him to go. The HMIe report did nothing to change my mind, in fact it made me more determined that he will not be going there. Continue reading