And then there were three!


Our baby girl arrived safe and well this week and we are happy to have her home with us already. The boys stayed with my mum while we were in hospital and I’m glad to have them back home with me now too. J came to visit us once while we were in hospital, as he doesn’t cope very well with the heat and the fact that he’s not just able to run around all over the place.

His new sister got off to a good start in his eyes as she brought him a new Take & Play Gordon engine. She brought B a Henry version but J immediately commandeered this too. He wheeled them around the windowsill of the room as he looked out at the traffic below but it helped to keep him occupied for at least part of the time.

I’m not sure how he will take to our new arrival. He was too young to really notice when B came along but this time around he’s far more aware and a bit more demanding of our time/attention. So far he’s ok with it but it’s early days. Our wee family is now complete and I’m thankful that we are all at home together. My next challenge is keeping Jude from climbing all over me while my c-section scar gets some time to heal. Wish me luck!

Some ideas for preparing your child with autism for a new arrival:

How to prepare your child for the new arrival – Friendship Circle

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