Fairy Tales

Our outing today was to Fullarton Fairy Trail. It’s a nice idea and is all set up for free by volunteers so that children can enjoy a walk in the woods. A lot of hard work and care has gone into creating this lovely wee fairy tale setting.

We had our wellies on (which turned out to be a good idea) and were wrapped up well for the chilly November weather.┬áThere is a small play park next to the woods and J had great fun exploring this before we set off further into the woods.┬áNeedless to say we did not follow the standard trail through the forest admiring all of the nicely painted elf and fairy doors. J again set off at a quick pace with us in hot pursuit. He charged on down the path through the middle of the woods, completely by-passing the fairy trail. Eventually we reached the end of the path where it headed out towards nearby houses. J wasn’t for stopping or turning round to go back to the trail and became upset that we were trying to make him. Continue reading