Fairy Tales

Our outing today was to Fullarton Fairy Trail. It’s a nice idea and is all set up for free by volunteers so that children can enjoy a walk in the woods. A lot of hard work and care has gone into creating this lovely wee fairy tale setting.

We had our wellies on (which turned out to be a good idea) and were wrapped up well for the chilly November weather. There is a small play park next to the woods and J had great fun exploring this before we set off further into the woods. Needless to say we did not follow the standard trail through the forest admiring all of the nicely painted elf and fairy doors. J again set off at a quick pace with us in hot pursuit. He charged on down the path through the middle of the woods, completely by-passing the fairy trail. Eventually we reached the end of the path where it headed out towards nearby houses. J wasn’t for stopping or turning round to go back to the trail and became upset that we were trying to make him.

We then saw a small path which led up the other side of the stream and back in the general direction of the trail and the car park. This at least looked like a new direction and not a return from whence we came, so J, B and I set off on this path while my husband pushed the buggy the long way round. Thank God for wellies is all I can say! This small track turned into what can only be described as a swamp and we had no option but to trudge on through. We finally found the trail again and I quickly wished we hadn’t. J found the fairy doors fascinating but took more pleasure in trying to lift away the wee ladders laid out so the fairies could access their doors, trying to open the doors and windows which were firmly attached to the trees and running off away from us down the path and round the trees. Reading the little cards with stories about the fairies wasn’t going to be a possibility on this trip.

After replacing the ladders (which he had only picked up, not actually done anything with) and herding J down the proper path we reached the memory tree, which was lovely. Here people had tied ribbons to the tree to remember people. J enjoyed running round the big tree in circles which allowed us time to explore this area of the trail before we headed back towards the car.

Even though he had burned off a lot of energy with his woodland rampage, J still wasn’t ready to be returned to a sitting position so, with his usual glint in his eye and when he thought we weren’t looking, he set off running back towards the woods again. After some wrestling my husband soon had him restrained in his car seat and we were able to head for home. Along the way we managed to console J by spotting cars, vans, trucks and buses.

The lessons from today’s trip: boys are more interested in swamps and trees than fairies, always have wellies on when visiting woodland with J, don’t assume a one hour run in the woods will tire out your autistic child and if you are a fairy you should always tie your ladders down when having a visit from a whirlwind like J!


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