Another day, another soft play


The long weekend continues and so does the rain. J is actually asking to go to soft play (as well as he can ask, but I understand what he means). Can I do it again? I phoned my mum to ask if she was up for it. Thank God for my mum, she’s always willing to brave the situation and dive right in with me. We set off, this time for a different soft play centre. This one we had visited before and the boys had seemed to enjoy it.

Today was a completely different experience. Roughly the same size play frame but a slightly different layout, meaning children couldn’t leave the play area without passing the adult seating. There was a much clearer view of the exits from the play frame too. The boys hared off to play and my mum and I were able to have a coffee as we watched them play. I even managed to take W into the baby area for a short time to play. We all had a great time. The boys played and ran around together, as well as in & out to see us and there were no meltdowns (and strangely enough not a gate in sight!) What a difference a day makes.

Was it down to the layout? Was J in a different mood? Was it because I was prepared for disaster that it turned out well? Maybe we’ll never know. I just know that today was a good day and for now I will settle for that!

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