How do you explain autism to a four year old?

Yesterday B and I were chatting about life in general and he began to talk about J being autistic (or ontistic as he calls it). We have always tried to be open with B and explain to him why things can be different for his brother, why sometimes he doesn’t want to play and why he can’t quite talk yet. It occurred to me today that part of this explanation is that J is autistic, but up until now I hadn’t really thought about going into much more detail than that. That is until B said “Mummy J doesn’t really talk yet, but that’s ok it’s like back when I was ontistic and I couldn’t talk yet.” That’s when I realised that he knows the word but doesn’t really understand what it means. Continue reading


Awareness, understanding, acceptance, help!

Following on from my previous blog post, this one is a little bit of an update and a request for some help. In this time of raising awareness of autism and the associated problems, I would like to think people would like to know more, be more understanding and help a little. I’m really grateful for the support my petition has gained so far and the people who have shared it as well as signing. Please keep helping to raise awareness:

Petition for Improved Services

Continue reading

The Caring Profession

Last night J was unwell again. It seemed to start with lots and lots of diarrhoea and a bit of a rash on his bottom, which we thought was related. It quickly progressed to be a big angry blister-like rash all over his body and onto his neck and face.

As it spread so quickly I decided to take him to A&E, Continue reading

Autism Awareness – What Autism Means to Me

Today marks the start of Autism Awareness Month. Tomorrow we wear blue or ‘light it up blue’ for autism awareness. These are great things, they help to raise awareness amongst the wider population about autism and its impact on people and families. Autism charities use this time to launch new information videos, leaflets, etc. And there’s a wealth of information available to help people to understand autism. Hopefully lots of people will take time out of their busy lives to read a bit more information or watch a video. Every little helps as they say.

People talk about Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance. This makes me wonder about my own levels of awareness and acceptance. Continue reading