Awareness, understanding, acceptance, help!

Following on from my previous blog post, this one is a little bit of an update and a request for some help. In this time of raising awareness of autism and the associated problems, I would like to think people would like to know more, be more understanding and help a little. I’m really grateful for the support my petition has gained so far and the people who have shared it as well as signing. Please keep helping to raise awareness:

Petition for Improved Services

I know that the NHS is currently stretched and that there are a tremendous number of dedicated staff who work really hard to deliver good care, in spite of cut backs and stretched resources. It’s a hard job and I admit it’s not one I would like to do. However, with regards to facilities for waiting and changing for patients with additional needs, I feel the service could be improved. There is also still a lack of awareness which better training would help to resolve. This is why I feel my petition us important. I think the changes would improve not only the experience of people with autism and their families, it would also help to minimise use of staff resources through providing more calm treatment and fewer follow up referrals or visits.

I know everyone is busy but please take a couple of minutes to sign and share. All help is appreciated.


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