Life’s a beach

Making the most of the nice weather, we took a wee trip to the beach yesterday. J took his obligatory small toys to bury in the sand and I packed snacks and the inevitable change of clothes.

We headed to Prestwick and after waking up our sleeping beauties, made our way onto the beach. J proceeded to bury his toys in the sand, dig them up and bury them again. He then saw a little hill made out of sand and stones so he and B set off to climb up and slide down it. This occupied them for a short time before J took advantage of us not being right at his side and made off to the sea. Continue reading


Parents’ Night

I’m not sure how other parents feel about parents’ night. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it myself. I feel like I should prepare in advance and have some relevant and meaningful questions to ask about J and his schooling. However, I don’t prepare and I don’t think up things to ask. Partly because the school keep us informed of some of what he’s doing in his weekly summary and with termly updates, I’ve had his report card home recently and I also think it’s best to wait and see what the teacher has to say before wading in with irrelevant questions and asking for less than useful information.

I do, however, feel a bit anxious before I head in about how it will all go. Continue reading

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to work I go…

Well after 9 months of maternity leave I returned to work this week. I have to admit I had mixed feelings about it. Part of me was looking forward to the adult interactions, the ‘normality’ of it all and probably mostly the money! The other (possibly bigger) part felt nervous, guilty and sad at leaving my babies again to go to work with other people’s.

Returning to work is a wrench for every mum, leaving your children, getting back into a routine, missing out on dropping them at school or nursery and in my case I will also miss out on seeing my middle guy start school on his very first day. I didn’t expect it all to be quite so emotional.  Continue reading


For those of you who were kind enough to sign and share my petition about A&E services for people with needs, here’s a wee response for someone who works for Shona Robison.

It’s full of information I already know, no real solutions and I think it’s basically a brush off. My lesson from this is to keep going. If you can share the petition and encourage others to sign and share it I would be eternally grateful. It means a lot.


Petition link

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