The last day of Primary 1

This has been a big year for my big boy. He’s started school and he’s become a big brother again. I would like to say he’s taken it all in his stride. I suppose, other than a few initial hiccups and some little bumps in the road along the way, he probably has.

Today was his last day in primary one and this has made me look back and reflect on this last year, his first ever experience of primary school and how he has coped with it all.

There have been a lot of new experiences for him, a lot of ‘firsts’. Continue reading


Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. We don’t tend to go in much for big celebrations on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Life is busy, they are mostly made for the card industry to make extra money and we both know our kids love us and are a bit young to do anything to show us that they appreciate us. We both work hard and we don’t do it for the gratitude or adulation. Still, it’s nice to know people appreciate you and a day to show this helps us to remember to say it out loud once in a while. B made a card for his dad this year, which I think is nicer than any card we could have bought from a shop.  I make sure I get my own dad a card and a gift to show him that we appreciate what he does, helping to look after our kids and doing the things no man would ever wish to do, like going on the nursery trip or outings to Funky Monkeys! Thanks Dad! 😇 Continue reading

Being a Big Brother

Today is just one of many days when I noticed some more of J’s wee quirks and difficulties. Often days are so busy that they pass without always having time to notice or reflect, but I’m trying to notice more and to reflect and see how we can help him in his development and progress.

For any child I’m sure it’s a big deal and a bit of an upheaval becoming an older sibling. Continue reading

Haircut Hell

Tonight was haircut night 😱

J hates haircuts. He hates the noise of the clippers, the feel of the hair on his face and neck and having to sit still. We used to take him to the barbers, where he (and we) endured many minutes of hell before his ordeal was over and he could leave. The nice ladies in the barber shop tried many things to settle him and they were very patient and understanding. They sat him on a seat with a steering wheel, put CBeebies on the tv, gave him musical toys with flashing lights and we even tried getting him to watch videos or play games on the iPad. In the end none of this worked and he wriggled and writhed and whined while we held him as still as we could, before he left with as even a haircut as anyone was able to give him!

We used to dread the day when we would need to take him, even letting his hair grow longer than we would really like to lessen the pain for us all. My mum and dad have also tried taking him instead, it didn’t turn out any better. We even tried a different barber’s shop but the woman there cut his ear with the scissors ✂️ Continue reading