Haircut Hell

Tonight was haircut night 😱

J hates haircuts. He hates the noise of the clippers, the feel of the hair on his face and neck and having to sit still. We used to take him to the barbers, where he (and we) endured many minutes of hell before his ordeal was over and he could leave. The nice ladies in the barber shop tried many things to settle him and they were very patient and understanding. They sat him on a seat with a steering wheel, put CBeebies on the tv, gave him musical toys with flashing lights and we even tried getting him to watch videos or play games on the iPad. In the end none of this worked and he wriggled and writhed and whined while we held him as still as we could, before he left with as even a haircut as anyone was able to give him!

We used to dread the day when we would need to take him, even letting his hair grow longer than we would really like to lessen the pain for us all. My mum and dad have also tried taking him instead, it didn’t turn out any better. We even tried a different barber’s shop but the woman there cut his ear with the scissors βœ‚οΈ

In the end my husband ended up researching hair clippers which are as quiet as possible and we bought a set. Now we sit him in the bathroom before bath time and restrain him and distract him with toys until the deed is done. Then we pop him in the bath to make up a little for his trauma. He still cries and wriggles and whines. He still tries to escape and tries to push us away, but we persevere and eventually his hair is cut. I have to say I think it looks better than any job the barbers were ever able to do, though I appreciate how hard they tried and persevered. My husband is thorough in his approach and most stray longer hairs are removed. The best bit about it is that no one else is around. He doesn’t need to be stared at while he is in such distress and he can immediately be calmed and soothed afterwards in his own comfortable surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an ordeal for all involved and we all still dread and hate it when the time comes around. We just have to try to limit his distress and his exposure to others watching him while he is going through it. I think we have managed this as best we can and for now at least it’s as good as it’s going to get. Hopefully as he gets older he will understand it a little more and not be as worried by the feeling and the noise. We can only wait and see!

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2 thoughts on “Haircut Hell

  1. We used to have a terrible time washing our son’s hair in the bath. He absolutely hated it, and screamed the whole time. Cutting fingernails is a huge one too, as it is painful for him to have his nails ct. A lot of yelling and screaming. I’m with you on this one!

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