Living Arrows #3

It’s been a rather wet week here, so we haven’t gotten out much. On the one trip to the park we managed to make, J was more keen to climb up the slide than to slide down it. When I eventually managed to get him to do it, alongside his baby sister, he was very pleased with himself. He even gave himself a clap.

W really enjoyed our visit, despite the grey sky and threatening rain. She loved the slide. She also had a great time playing in the sand with B and Gran. I love it when she tries to walk and forgets she can’t quite do it yet. She gets so excited!

I just wish the rain would go away so that we can venture a bit further afield!

(My photos were just taken on my iPhone camera and whilst on the move. Still working on my composition and stuff too.)

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Living Arrows
You Baby Me Mummy

When the familiar becomes unfamiliar

Flashing back to my first blog post to celebrate 50 likes on Facebook, 100 followers on Twitter and 40 WordPress followers too. Thanks everyone!

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Upside Mum


As a family we regularly visit our local Heritage museum. It’s a fantastic place in most types of weather. It has lots of outdoor space, a spacious indoor museum area, a playground (with the ever-important swings), a path through the woods, a tram, a canal and most importantly – trains! Our boys love it here. In fact, it’s probably one of J’s favourite places.

Our last visit started off as normal with a happy dash for the gates when we got out of the car. J then started off in the direction of the tram line, which he loves to walk alongside (and across/on). We began our usual circuit of the grounds with J happliy running on ahead of us and looking back with glee to check that we were following on behind. Little did we know of the drama that lay ahead. There was a special event on in…

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Having a bad day?

Mainly my posts are about J and how he’s doing; his progress, achievements and lessons we’ve learned along the way. I try to look for the positives, even amongst the bad experiences. I also thought it would be good to share today’s experience. I realised my posts highlight difficulties but mainly celebrate how we overcame it or what we learned from it. I decided it might also be good to admit that sometimes this is a very hard thing to do. Sometimes I have to try extremely hard to see the up side of some things and to feel good about any part of some days we’ve had. Sometimes I fail to see these positives at all. When this happens I don’t particularly like to talk about it; preferring to ignore it and try to just move on. Lately I’ve decided this isn’t healthy. I need to face the bad with the good and find a way to keep going in spite of these experiences. So, if the good stories are all you like to read please give up now, as this one is not only bad but it’s ugly! Continue reading

Garden fun in the sun

We live in Scotland so there can be times when we go days (sometimes weeks) without seeing any hint of sunshine☀️ The school holidays here start at the end of June and to be honest, I think it would be better if they started a couple of weeks later. It always seems to rain here for at least the first week in July! Yesterday it was slightly cloudy but at least it stayed dry and warm, meaning the kids could get back outside to play and burn of some of their endless energy! There’s little worse than a very active five year old with ASD and cabin fever.

Today the sun is out in full force and as soon as they got up, before they even got dressed, my boys headed off out into the garden. We are lucky to have a good-sized garden with lots of room for all of their toys and for them to run or roam around in. Parks and beaches become so crowded during the holidays when the weather is nice and it can be a bit overwhelming for J at times. Continue reading

Living Arrows 18th July #1

My favourite picture from this week comes from a visit to see Gran for her birthday. Making the most of a break in the rain, my boys had her running around the garden chasing them. It doesn’t matter to them that she only had a knee replacement operation a couple of months ago. 

My boys love being outdoors and J especially would even be out there in the rain. Poor Gran will need a few weeks to recover from this visit! 

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Living Arrows
You Baby Me Mummy

When is it ok to lie?

Is it ever ok to tell lies to your child?

My answer to this would be that it very much depends on the child, the situation and the lie being told. When I’m talking to J I don’t really ever need to lie or make things up, most things need to be factual and instructional. B on the other hand, he’s a whole different entity. He asks so many questions, digs deep into the minutiae of things and relentlessly asks why to every explanation of an explanation of a reason. At times I try to explain and keep explaining. Other times I say ‘because it is’ or ‘because they do’ which I know is not an answer, but he drives me to it eventually and my patience just runs out. Anyone who knows B will understand where I’m coming from. Once you’ve heard why for the tenth time when explaining the same thing, you feel like tearing off your own ears and throwing them out of the window of the moving car!

Here are a few of the lies I have told to try to subvert the inevitable twenty questions or ongoing whining to get his way: Continue reading