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Airport Awareness

As it’s holiday time many people will be jetting off to sunnier skies and new destinations. We have not yet been brave enough to venture onto a plane with J. There are just too many unknown variables. How will he react to waiting around in the airport? Will the small space in the seat in the plane be too restricting? Will the noises the plane makes be distressing for him? Will he have trouble with his ears? How will we keep him amused for the duration of the flight? I don’t think he would be allowed to run up and down the aisles for several hours and he certainly wouldn’t be allowed to open the door to go for a wee stroll. Maybe this is something we will consider when he’s a bit older and can perhaps be reasoned with in some manner.

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Autism Awareness – What Autism Means to Me

Today marks the start of Autism Awareness Month. Tomorrow we wear blue or ‘light it up blue’ for autism awareness. These are great things, they help to raise awareness amongst the wider population about autism and its impact on people and families. Autism charities use this time to launch new information videos, leaflets, etc. And there’s a wealth of information available to help people to understand autism. Hopefully lots of people will take time out of their busy lives to read a bit more information or watch a video. Every little helps as they say.

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Easter Egg Hunt for Motor Skills

This is a great idea for helping kids with listening skills, movements, instructions, etc. We had a big dice for J to roll with different movements on each side and he loved it.

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Starfish Therapies


Ok, now don’t judge, but the original inspiration for this idea came from a ski trip I took with some college friends (a year or two after graduation) over Easter weekend.  Two of our friends arranged an ‘adult’ easter egg hunt with jello (of the adult variety) in each Easter egg.  Well we were all like big kids because of course we each had certain colors (and flavors) we wanted to find!

Now, translate this to a kids Egg hunt and here are some ideas:

  • You can fill each egg with a different motor skill you want the kid to do and you could have numbers on the egg for number of reps or that could be included on the paper with the skill.  I would also add in fun ones such as ‘play a game on the wii’ where they are still working but think they are playing!

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